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JAN 2013

Why Currant?

Why "Currant" ?

Choosing a new corporate name is an intricate creative journey, especially when the name ventures into personal territory. I decided to use an approach that worked when choosing both my daughters' names. My husband and I planned to choose a name within seconds of first seeing our baby. Sure, we had about 30 favourite baby names that we considered during the pregnancy, but stuck to our instincts and choose Fiona and Jackie immediately after saying our first "hello".


Similarily, I wanted to respond instinctively to why I am able to have a career working at what I love most - DESIGN. I immediately thought about the importance of  actually identifying and acknowledging one's talents no matter how big or small. What sprung to mind was an trick I mastered as a child – the ability to throw a red berry as high in the air as I could and expertly catch it in my mouth. My parents grew many large red currant shrubs in our garden and every year I would further perfect my technique.


My berry-catching talent is not an important part of the person I am today, but still a part of me. Every experience, ability or accomplishment in our lives gradually builds our self-esteem. Challenging myself to throw that currant higher and higher into the air provided me with a thrilling sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. My first “realistic” drawing, my first day at university, my first logo, magazine or website design each allowed me to experience a similar euphoria. It is the culmination of all my “firsts” and accomplishments that ultimately granted me the confidence to start my design company.


And thus I chose CURRANT CREATIVE as the name of my design firm. The fact that I design “current” or up-to-date designs is simply a part of the business. The more important meaning of the name celebrates the talent behind the company.



JAN 2013