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Designing Beachside

The Beach, is undoubtedly Toronto's equivalent of Venice Beach, California. Whatever the season, Currant Creative's vibrant location inspires and maintains a refreshed creative "California-like" atmosphere and mentality. Nothing clears a design dilemma better than a latte, a park bench and a magnificent walk along the boardwalk. Now, already in my fourth year living and working in The Beach, I have come to realize that my environment plays a most integral part of my well-being, social life and work life. Remember, beachside meetings are always available!


I have been designing and art directing since the 90s and have always  enjoyed the complexity of the business. My role as a Creative Director is to assess every job, whether large or small, with the same critical eye and approach. The most rewarding part of the job is finding the perfect balance of keeping the design looking great, keeping it within budget and exceeding my clients' expectations.